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“Office was very modern, clean and they used the latest technology. The fastest and easiest X-rays I’ve ever seen. The overhead TV was a great tool to show X-rays and pictures. Dr. Goodwin was pleasant and very communicative. He gave me the feeling that he really cared about me and wanted what was best for me. Ralph and Cathy were also very professional and pleasant.”

Rate a Dentist 5-Star Rating | Bernie O., September 2013

To make your dental assessments as precise as possible, we use the newest technologies that not only allow for more comfort, but also a more accurate diagnosis. We are conservative in our care, but we also use the newest equipment and dental tech available to ensure your appointments are finished quickly and precisely.

Our advanced dental equipment will give you peace of mind. Using the best of the best, your treatments are fast, accurate, and comfortable. If you have any questions about your dental treatments, feel free to call our friendly team. You can reach Lynn Creek Dental Care at (972) 314-2600, or contact us online.

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