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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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If you still have your wisdom teeth, you may start to feel them coming in soon. Wisdom teeth can cause issues such as overcrowding, and may even damage teeth as they grow in. If you already have alignment issues, the eruption of your wisdom teeth could make your teeth more crooked. It’s best to remove them earlier, as early removal can prevent damage to neighboring teeth, bone, gum tissue, and nerves and blood vessels. At Lynn Creek Dental Care, our team is trained in wisdom teeth removal, and when we do extractions, we keep our patients comfortable throughout the procedure.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that come in usually in a person’s late teens or early 20s, though they could come in even later than that. Most people have four – two in the top arch and two in the bottom arch – but only an X-ray can tell us how many you have and where they are located. We may also be able to tell if they’re at risk for coming in crooked or becoming impacted, or stuck. Wisdom teeth can come in at almost any angle, and an impacted wisdom tooth may even push your straight teeth into different directions. This can create new problems with alignment. Some people never have problems with wisdom teeth, but in the worst-case scenarios, you can have gum infections, jaw bone cysts, and you may even experience bone loss. Lynn Creek Dental Care recommends having your wisdom teeth removed before they have the opportunity to create dental problems.

Comfortable Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Lynn Creek Dental care, we offer an array of dental comforts to provide calmness and relaxation prior to wisdom teeth removal. We strive to make you comfortable during your procedure by working at a pace that’s right for you and providing sedation. Let us know if you’re an especially nervous dental patient, so we can help determine the best sedation method for you. We’ll also send you home with instructions for at-home care for after the wisdom tooth removal. Pain management is key, as is keeping the area clean and free from food particles and other debris. This will help ensure that the area heals properly.

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

At our Grand Prairie dentist office, we do what we can to keep dental care affordable, and that includes wisdom teeth extraction. Not only is our office insurance friendly, but we also have an in-house membership plan for our uninsured patients. This plan provides discounts to members on most all procedures for one low annual fee. We can also split up your out-of-pocket costs into more manageable monthly payments. Speak with someone on our team to find out more.

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