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Tooth Extractions

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Tooth extractions

You might be a little nervous about have a tooth pulled. If you know you need a tooth extracted, there is no need to worry. While our dental team does everything possible to preserve your natural tooth, sometimes damage or decay to your tooth can be so extensive that the only option left is to remove it. At Lynn Creek Dental Care, we have experience with tooth removal and have treatment plans to replace your extracted tooth so you can continue to chew, speak, and laugh without noticing any difference.

You might think having a tooth extracted is difficult, but the truth is that it is actually a fairly routine and straightforward procedure. The location and size of the tooth will determine how long the procedure takes. For example, if it is a front tooth with a single root, it will be easier to extract than a root with more than one root, or an impacted wisdom tooth. We carefully remove the tooth and preserve surround bone and tissue. We keep you very relaxed and comfortable during the entire process.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you still have your wisdom teeth, you may start to feel them coming in soon. Wisdom teeth can cause issues such as overcrowding, and may even damage teeth as they grow in, and could make your teeth more crooked. It’s best to remove them earlier, as early removal can prevent damage to neighboring teeth, bone, gum tissue, and nerves and blood vessels.

Wisdom teeth can come in at almost any angle, and an impacted wisdom tooth may even push your straight teeth into different directions. This can create new problems with alignment. Some people never have problems with wisdom teeth, but in the worst-case scenarios, you can have gum infections, jaw bone cysts, and you may even experience bone loss. Lynn Creek Dental Care recommends having your wisdom teeth removed before they have the opportunity to create dental problems.

At Lynn Creek Dental care, we offer an array of dental comforts to provide calmness and relaxation prior to wisdom teeth removal. We strive to make you comfortable during your procedure.