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“Very, very, superb service & highly recommended!!! Very nice and warm facility with a great staff and Dentist to match. Very professional and organized and seem to really be patient focused.”

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Lynn Creek Dental Care exceeds the state and federal guidelines to ensure your safety is the most important priority during your treatment. Our office is clean, organized, and safe for the entire family. We use advanced sterilization, and every instrument is wrapped, disinfected, and thoroughly sterilized before every use. Our upscale cassette systems also stop cross-contamination, and every piece of instrumentation goes through a rigorous spore testing conducted by a third-party laboratory every week to confirm that everything is entirely safe. Treatment rooms are thoroughly sanitized between treatments as well.

The Safety & Security of Your Personal Information

We are regularly monitored and audited to ensure we are up to compliance with OSHA and HIPAA. Your personal information is stored securely on secure servers, and your information is not shared without explicit permission from a parent or guardian. Your financial information is also encrypted so even our own staff can’t access it!

Lynn Creek Dental Care Invests in Excellence

Our mission is to invest in our practice and equipment so we can invest in our patients’ oral health care to the best of our ability. The safety, cleanliness, and security of your dental care is our top priority.

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