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What Does Your Toothpaste Flavor Say About You?

At Lynn Creek Dental Care, we love that our patients all have their own individual style. As your family dentist, we couldn’t help but wonder what your oral care regimen says about you. Goodbye, Zodiac signs and personality tests! We’ve come up with a new way to learn about yourself and your character, and it’s all contained in a dollop on your toothbrush. Read on to learn how your toothpaste might reveal some important personality traits! Mint Mint: You’re laid back ... Read more

How Are Dental Implants Made?

Our patients come to us for a variety of things – some want whiter teeth, some just need help maintaining their teeth, and others have to restore lost or damaged teeth. For our patients who have recently had teeth extracted or need to get their missing teeth replaced, dental implants are a popular, long-term solution. What Is a Dental Implant? Unlike bridges or dentures, dental implants are placed in your jaw bone, which means they're directly secured in place. This creates a stable ... Read more

Dental Crown Procedure

Dental crowns are a common restorative dental procedure. Even if you’ve never had one yourself, you’ve probably heard one of your friends talk about getting one. As you know, your comfort and health are our top priorities at Lynn Creek Dental Care. Today, we’ve put together a step-by- step guide to the dental crown procedure, so that you know exactly what to expect throughout the process. Step 1: Diagnosis If you have a weak, or discolored tooth, Dr. Cho may decide that a ... Read more

Tooth Sensitivity — What Does It Mean?

You’re enjoying some ice cream or warm cup of coffee when all of a sudden a sharp pain ruins the moment. Most likely you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity. This is a condition where whenever your tooth makes contact with something hot, cold, super sweet, or super acidic and it feels sensitive or painful. Even breathing in cold air could prompt the uncomfortable feeling! It’s a common problem, and you might also hear it referred to as dentin hypersensitivity or root sensitivity. Causes ... Read more

What Causes Teeth to Turn Yellow?

There is a reason the phrase for teeth is “pearly whites” and not “dull yellows.” Yellow teeth can be a sign of poor dental hygiene, and, with today’s standards of beauty, they can significantly bring down the attractiveness of your smile. So what exactly leads to tooth discoloration in the first place? We tackle some of the main causes behind tooth stains and yellowing. Genetics Some people have teeth that are naturally more yellow due to their genes. If you notice that ... Read more
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