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“This is an excellent dentist. The staff was very friendly. I was in severe pain. I called this dentist and they were able to get me in the same morning. Dr. Goodwin extracted my tooth the same day. I appreciate the fast high quality care I received at Lynn Creek Dental Care. Thank You to all the staff. I highly recommend this dentist to others.” | Nikki K.

Convenient Scheduling for Your Family

Dental care is an investment, and we believe you deserve the best. Our commitment to you and your family is to make sure you are informed of all your treatment plans and give you the option for your dental treatment. To make your visit enjoyable, our gentle dentists take extreme care to make sure you are comfortable. We know you have a busy schedule, so to make sure you fit in your appointments, our extended hours mean you don’t have to miss work or school. Our family block appointments allow you to bring in the whole family for your appointment, and we do this just for you because we know how valuable your time is. Come experience the difference at Lynn Creek Dental Care!

Extended Hours

Our late hours means you can make your appointments after work or after school. We run a tight ship and don’t get behind schedule, so you don’t have to sit waiting for your appointment. We value your time and will make sure your appointment is on time.

Family Block Appointments

We can schedule family block appointments, meaning you can schedule your appointments for you and your family at the same time, or back-to-back. This means you don’t have to make separate appointments on separate days, making numerous trips back and forth to the dentist’s office.

As Few Visits As Possible

Instead of making multiple appointments for simple treatments, we try to complete as much as your treatment as possible in either one visit or visits that are closely spaced together. We don’t think you should have to make multiple appointments for cleanings and checkups, or for simple procedures like fillings or crowns. As best we can, we try to make your dental treatments have as few visits as possible. We do our exams, X-rays, and cleanings all in a single visit, so you can have your treatment and get on with your life.

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