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Your Comfort is Our First Priority

We believe patient involvement is one of the most important aspects of your dental care. When you come to Lynn Creek Dental Care, we keep you informed of all your dental treatments and make sure you understand all of your options.

Sometimes nervousness will make some people put off their dental appointments. That doesn’t need to be the case for you anymore. We offer sedation dentistry for nervous patients to provide ultimate relaxation. At our Grand Prairie dental office, you can receive root canals, crowns, and even deep teeth cleanings with sedation so you don’t have to suffer from the anxiety and stress that accompanies dental appointments.

Our 3-Step Comfort Injection Technique

Step 1: High-Strength Numbing Gel

With the use of a high-strength topical gel, we numb your gums, so you don’t feel a thing. The gel contains 20% Benzocaine and we smooth it on before giving you an injection, that way you don’t even feel the small pinch from the needle’s point.

Step 2: Warmed Anesthetic

A warmed anesthetic is an anesthetic solution that is warmed to your body’s temperature to reduce discomfort. Studies have shown that warming the anesthetic to your body temperature will reduce discomfort and pain.

Step 3: Our High-Tech Secret Weapon

DentalVibe is a revolutionary technology that we refer to as our “secret weapon” of the 3-Step Comfort Injection Process. We are one of only a few dental offices in Grand Prairie that use this incredible technology. DentalVibe vibrates the gums during an injection, so you don’t even feel it. When we use DentalVibe, you won’t even feel the shot. This device is essential for those who are afraid of needles. You will truly experience the difference when you come see us at Lynn Creek Dental Care.

DentalVibe makes dental care more comfortable for patients of all ages, especially younger patients and those who feel dental anxiety.

A soft touch can make all the difference when you are visiting the dentist. Our gentle dentists and staff want you to feel comfortable during your visit. Your comfort is our priority because having happy patients makes our day so much better! Compassionate and gentle care will make you feel differently about your dental check-ups, cleanings, and restorative treatments. We also understand that positive experiences are especially important for children, and this is why we take your visits so seriously. If you are uncomfortable or nervous at any time before or during your appointment, please let us know and we will do everything we can to make your experience better.

Sedation Dentistry

We know that for some nervous patients, sedation will be necessary to help them get through their appointment. If you think you may need some help relaxing for your visit, let us know and we can provide you with a medicine that completely relaxes you.

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is another option to help you feel more at ease. This is a safe and easy way to provide sedation, and it can be particularly useful for teenagers or children who are anxious at the dentist.

We take your safety very seriously when we use sedation. First, we look at your health history, medications, and even take into account alcohol consumption and smoking. Based on this, we plan your treatment accordingly to make sure you are safe with your treatment plans.

Patient Amenities

Other patient amenities include a beverage bar stocked with coffee, tea, lattes, bottled water, hot chocolate, and much more! You will also have the chance to enjoy our flat-screen televisions, internet access, warm scented towels, blankets, and even our children’s play area!

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